Tuesday, 14 May 2019

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When we throw stones in the pond, we see ripples forming which we can understand from the diagram of space time! In which you can see the time graph of the y axis and the graph of the space towards the x axis, the first ripple will be formed just after one second after throwing the stone in the pond, then the second ripple will be formed after one second and the third one after three seconds which we frame frame by frame. Can see But now you will say that what is the big thing in it, we see it everyday! So now pay a little attention to the place where the pond is located, we will call it space and after throwing stones a new ripple is being constructed every second!

Which we will see frame by frame, we will see many ripples by doing one to two two to three in such a way and the same frame which creates new ripples after every second is the effect of time. They say By doing this, as long as there is time and we will keep throwing stones, ripples will be made! That pond and everything in the universe changes because of time, and when we talk about space and time! So we have to understand space time together because both space and time are connected to each other, where there is space, there will be time also ie space time is like a fabric ie sheet.