Monday, 3 February 2020

Insurance Two Wheeler Policy Overview

Whirling, housebreaking or theft in the house: This plan covers expenses that have to be incurred under burglary, housebreaking or theft.
Fire, explosion, self-ignition or light: This plan covers the expenses that a fire, explosion has to bear.
Malicious Act: The plan also includes malicious acts.
Terrorist Act: Human activities of terrorists have also been included in this plan.
Riot and strike: Under this plan, riots and strike are also included. Earthquake and fire: both land
Kamp and fire are considered the most common occurrence in the life cycle
Therefore, this plan also covers these two important unpleasant events.
Incidents involving external means.
Natural disasters like flood, typhoon, hurricane, hurricane, cyclone, hail, storm and inundation have also been included under this plan.
Landslide or Rockslide is covered under the package plan.
Subject to depreciation deduction at the rates mentioned below in respect of parts:

I) For all rubber / nylon / plastic parts, tires, tubes and batteries - 50%
Ii) For fiber glass components - 30%
Iii) For all parts made of glass - zero
Iv) Depreciation rate for all other parts including the wooden parts as per the schedule given below:

The important exclusions are as follows:
consequential loss
Wear and tear
Driving with an illegal driving license and alcohol consumption
Civil war, loss due to war
Use over personal purposes and limitations
Use over specified limits
Damage to tires and tubes until the two-wheeler vehicle itself has been damaged. Under this plan, the company will pay only 50% of the replacement cost.
Loss or damage to goods due to house breaking or theft
Any accidental loss due to consumption of alcohol, drugs.

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